We're a specialist market research agency providing online quantitative research services for marketing and market research professionals.

Market Research has changed. Online tools mean that anyone can conduct their own research. What our clients want now is a higher level of expertise and a greater peace of mind.

With Aurora, a skilled researcher will carry out each stage of your research, from initial briefing through to questionnaire design, scripting, sample selection, fieldwork, production of results and analysis. You always speak to the person with the answers, which means that you can relax in the knowledge that we will deliver to your tight timescales and produce the high quality data that you and your clients demand.

We also run our own carefully managed in-house online panel of UK consumers so that when you need an external sample, we will make sure every survey is properly representative of the audience you are looking for. Furthermore, we also run a weekly Omnibus of 1000 UK adults.

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Our team of skilled researchers have particular expertise in the Loyalty, Travel and Financial sectors

Our expertly managed
in-house online panel of UK consumers.

Access a weekly nationally representative survey of 1000 UK adults aged 16+ from £150 per question

We are the trusted online quantitative research partner to research, media, marketing and PR agencies

We are MRS company partners.  

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