Privacy Statement

Aurora Market Research is committed to making protection of your privacy a top priority.

We run market research surveys to find out about what you think. We do not try to sell or promote anything. We will do our best not to mislead you about the nature of the research or the use which will be made of the findings.

You have been selected to take part in a survey because we have been supplied your name by our clients or you have been randomly selected to take part in an interview. All surveys that we conduct will contain information about the identity of the client, unless there are good reasons for not providing this information.

During online surveys we often ask personal information such as age, sex, occupation etc. This information is collected for analysis purposes only and will only be used in aggregated form. It is not identified to you personally.

Any answers you give to any survey run by Aurora Market Research will remain confidential unless you specifically give your consent to the contrary. No information is collected during any survey without your prior knowledge and consent.

Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies to handle traffic management and analysis; this information is anonymous and cannot be used to identify specific visitors, and we do not pass this information on to any 3rd parties or use it for any other purposes. Continued use of our website implies consent to have these cookies placed; should you wish to disable these, please refer to your browser's Help section or user guide.

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